Why do people love living here?

"I have found a city that truly feels like home."
I enjoy morning coffee framed by Pikes Peak, lunch at local eateries around town, afternoon hikes on the front range, and evening concerts and theater...
"My business has been successful in Colorado Springs because of the recruiting base."
Shawnee Starr is the CEO and Founder of Techwise, a multi-national government, military, and business consulting and services organization with headquarters in both the United...
"Everything is 20 minutes away. It's like a really nice, big playground."
Paco Sandoval is a Senior Embedded Software Engineer at Altia, Inc.
Spacious Skies
300+ days of sunshine. 7,000+ acres of parks.

Life in the Springs

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Colorado Springs is buzzing with things to do. Experience countless community-led events and a magic trick where a city of 400,000 people doesn’t feel crowded.

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Between amber waves of grain and purple mountain majesties.
Work in the Springs
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Live in the Springs
120 years ago right here,
a young poet wrote
“America the Beautiful.”
Now every day we live it.
Here’s what people who live here say:

“Stop telling people to move here.”

Chris Deptula, Resident

“But thanks for telling people to move here.”

Chris Deptula, Resident