It still has a small town feel to it, but it’s a progressive city.
by Jacob Pruitt |

Jacob_Pruitt“I think what I like about living in Colorado Springs is it’s a city that’s moving and growing. It still has a small town feel to it, but I think it’s a progressive city that gives you access to a lot of different things, whether that be arts, entertainment, or the outdoors experience.”

“I have a family of 5 boys, and they are able to get out in the community, get access to the city, but also get out and enjoy the wildlife. They like running, hiking, fishing, so they get access to a lot of those things, which is pretty unique.”

“Most big cities I’ve lived in, you can’t get access to the people and the decision makers. That’s what I like about Colorado Springs. You get things you need from sustaining life, but you also get access to the decision makers, you can see what’s happening in the city, and you can actually see what kind of sausage is getting made.”

“I am the VP and General manager for the T. Rowe Price Facility. We have 875 employees here,  and I have responsibility for the facility and the people here.”

“My fun stuff is time with the family, and coaching basketball and football. My boys are very active, so I’m at sporting events all over the place. I was just in Denver last night at a playoff game for my son. Watching my sons perform. Spending time outdoors, I love fishing.”


Jacob Pruitt is the VP and General Manager for T. Rowe Price.