One of the things I really like about the Springs is the size.
by Lynne Telford |

lynne_telford“One of the things I really like about Colorado Springs is the size we are. It’s large enough that there’s a lot going on in the arts and dining and in the community, but it’s small enough that anybody coming here can make a difference. It’s easy to engage and meet people and become involved in whatever people are passionate about.”

“My job is President and CEO for Care and Share Food Bank of Southern Colorado so I’m very entrenched in the nonprofit world, but I’m also very interested in economic development because the people that we serve would rather have a good job than get food from Care and Share. I’m involved in a lot of things in the community. I’ve spend 16 years in the leadership of the library system. We have one of the best library systems in the community. I spend years on the board of trustees and ended up as president, and then I was on the foundation board. In the last 2 years I was president of that board.”

“I love to play tennis and just be outside. We have so many good weather days that you can just enjoy a nice walk. I think one of the fun things to do is walk downtown where there’s always something different going on and lots of good restaurants. In the winter I love the little ice rink they put in Acacia Park. There are so many fun things and I always see friends when I’m downtown.”


Lynne Telford is President and CEO for Care and Share Food Bank of Southern Colorado.