I walk out my back door and I’m in a national forest the size of Rhode Island.
by Toby Gannett |

Toby-Gannett“I moved out to Colorado Springs in 1991. Fell in love with the community. It’s one of the most open and welcome communities I’ve ever seen. We have wonderful people who live here and a lot of people deeply dedicated to making Colorado Springs a better place to live. But more than anything, it’s not about who you are; it’s about what you do in our community.”

“I serve on corporate boards of directors and I also do consulting work for different types of businesses, one of which is Penrose St. Francis health systems. I also work with the nuns of St. Francis. I am now a student of Stanford Graduate School of Business for Corporate Innovation.”

“I chase my 3 boys around. They’re all very active. I love getting in the car on a Friday and going skiing and then coming back on Sunday and going for a mountain bike ride. You can be waist deep in powder one day and sweating on a mountain bike the next. It’s the best of both worlds.”

“We have a city that’s just large enough so that you can have an impact in it, whereas a larger city you couldn’t have a personal impact in it, but it has all the services of a large city. We have Denver as another asset that gives that big city vibe, but I walk out my back door and I’m in a national forest the size of Rhode Island. I can be skiing shortly after. To me we live at the convergence of metropolitan life and the outdoors.”


Toby Gannett is a Consultant and works with companies like the Penrose St. Francis Health Services, and serves on several corporate and non-profit Boards of Directors.