It takes me 4, maybe 5 minutes to get to work.
by Zach Robinson |

Zach_Robinson“I think it’s difficult to find other places where you can have such good access to outdoor adventure, mountains, and we also have a pretty cool happening, hip downtown right here. I also like that there are so many different views and types of people represented here. In certain ways, Colorado Springs might not be considered diverse, but in a lot of ways it is. Before I moved here I didn’t really realize that.”

“I have a tutoring company, SAT and ACT prep. That’s what I do for work. Maybe what I do here though might also be described as slaying mountain bike trails, climbing mountains, trying to ice climb and failing, stuff like that and that’s one reason I love this city.”

“It takes me 4, maybe 5 minutes to get to work.”


Zach Robinson is an Entrepreneur.